Allison Barbaglia Hurlock
Allison Barbaglia Hurlock
Research Technician
Phone: (517) 353-6767 
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Professional interests and goals: Over the years I have worked on many different projects. I graduated from MSU with a MS in Cell and Molecular Biology where my project involved studying lipids and lipid-binding proteins in long distance signaling in the phloem of Arabidopsis. Before that I worked on projects investigating the role of OX1 in oxidative stress in S. pombe and the role of Helitrons in alternative splicing in the maize genome. Since I have joined Erich’s lab, my projects focus on determining the location of transcription start site (TTS) of various transcription factors in B73, Mo17, and B73xMo17 lines under normal and stress conditions (cold, heat, drought) via CAGE. I also help in trying to elucidate transcription factors involved in lipid seed storage/accumulation in Camelina and Pennycress. Professionally, I always strive to do my best work and learn new techniques and information that will be beneficial to me as well as the team with whom I am working.

General interests: baking, exercising (running, strength training, hiking, etc), reading, anything outdoors, and traveling to new places.